Cargo Partners Network

Atlas International Freight Forward is a Founder Member of the Cargo Partners Network (CPN)

CPN is a global association of premier logistics providers, chosen for their track record of knowledge, professionalism, credit-worthiness, and customer satisfaction.
Our Mission is to go the extra mile to assure customers the best possible service of today with an eye toward how best to serve tomorrow's needs with rigorous demands and regulations and to foster a culture of transparency between partners and our customers, so the trust is solidified

CPN consistently strives to improve the services offered, so that our customers enjoy ever greater flexibility and cost-efficiency

With a Global Representation that covers more than 70 countries and almost 100 companies; CPN spans the globe in virtually all important economic centers of the world. Where no active representation is available, the CPN Head Office in Toronto can help, support and connect member firms with reliable agents.

Pricing and superior service are two key elements in securing new business and customer loyalty. Network membership guarantees the ability to meet these often elusive goals through agreed upon service standards and volume buying.

Opportunities are further enhanced through various expertise in the handling of Pharmaceutical, Core Logisitics, Aerospace. AOG, Air and Sea, part and full charter.

CPN has established a Trust Fund to indemnify member firms against potential bankruptcy of another member firm. This allows member firms the peace of mind to transact business on an open account basis.

Dispute arbitration has gained worldwide acceptance as a means of resolving international commercial disputes. CPN conducts such dispute resolutions through an independent tribunal examining the case and rendering a finalaward. This allows members to avoid costly legal fees and Judgements rendered In ignorance of transport law.

Interested to join CPN?  Visit the Cargo Partners Network website and review the application process.

FCL Global Shipping Volume Contracts for [20' / 40'] for Import and Exports worldwide.

LCL [Less than Container Load] & consolidations to more than 200 destinations worldwide.

Import LCL consolidations to our own warehouse from China, India, Brazil, Hong Kong, & Europe.